Simple and efficient solution to let you organize your address book in groups of contacts.

What is possible on Mac with Contacts application is, at last, possible on your iPhone or iPad.

The app my Groups finaly fill this gap by proposing essentials features:

  • create, rename and delete groups of contacts;
  • export vCards of members;
  • merge multiple groups as a single one.
  • send e-mail or SMS to group of users
A simple tool respecting your privacy.

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Multiple Contact Accounts

You can manage all your CardDAV address book accounts in this app.

This can include both iCloud and Gmail accounts.

Manage Groups of Contacts Create new groups. Delete groups that you no longer need. Add contact to groups and remove them.
Email to a group

Discover how My Groups can be used to send and email to members of a group having a proper electronic address.

Among other feature, the app gives you fine control on recipient using the labels of address that shall be used to send the message.

SMS to group members My Groups as a tool allows you to send SMSs and messages to group members
Premium Features Most useful features are free, but if you need to go a step further you can unlock more advanced functionalities.