Your personal data is yours.

We do not store them.

We do not collect them.

Data gathering

Do our applications collect your personal data??

No, I do not collect personal information.

Do you store the data entered in the application??

No, your data belongs to you and I do not have any right on them.

However, it may happen that an user input value appears in a crash report of an application. They can then only be used to solve the problem, without being able to bind it to a specific user.

This data is anonymous and is not used outside the scope of diagnotic and solving technical issues.

What information can be collected by our applications?

Some anonymous technical information.

Our applications use statistical tools that collect anonymous information about your use of software:

  • What type of terminal do you use, and with which version of iOS operating system?
  • How many people use the software, how often and how long?
  • Do you encounter any planes that we could correct?

Applications is currently using the tools provided by Apple to developers to collect anonymous statistics and crash reports.

Advertising Targeting

Some of my free apps are using Google Ads.

This system does not give me access to your personal information and may collect limited and anonymous information.

You can specify your preferences in the privacy settings of your iPhone/iPad.