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  • Apple Messages has a growth crisis

    You may have used my “My Groups” application to send messages to a group of contacts.

    If your groups contain many contacts, you’ve probably noticed that the message editor is suffering from a growth crisis. It doesn’t know how to fit into the screen frame and overflows very easily, to the point of becoming unusable.

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  • AirPods Pro, the worst of the best

    After three years, what assessment can I make of the 1st generation AirPod Pro?

    Is an objective assessment even possible? These three years have been more like a rollercoaster ride than a peaceful honeymoon.

    The time has come to tell you about my little consumer woes in the wonderful golden prison of the Apple world.

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  • Text writing direction support in CSS

    The World Wide Web is, by nature, supporting internationalization.

    But many contents are centered around western-like languages, often English only. For broader internationalization, you need to handle a wider range of languages, including those that are written from right to left or even in other directions.

    This article will show how simple CSS good practice provides, out-of-box, a diverse linguistic support.

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  • Should you disable buttons?

    It’s a well known HTML good practice to always use the disabled attribute on a button when the action cannot be performed.

    Let’s pose this a few seconds and ask ourself if this is really the best way to provide a good experience to your users.

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  • Delegate your contact form

    Using a static generator to host your website has many advantages.

    However, there are some drawbacks and constraints in terms of of interactivity. It is indeed a bit more complicated to build a dynamic interactive site, and you will probably have to ask yourself how to integrate a contact form.

    In this article, I’ll quickly show you the solution I have chosen for this site.

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  • UI Tests and Toggle on iOS/iPadOS

    For some reason, when you write UI tests for a toggle on iOS/iPadOS, you have to fight. Yep, you can tap a toggle, but tapping in the middle is most of the time not helpful. Let see how this can be fixed as Apple doesn’t seems to be want to fix this.
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  • How is this site working?

    It’s an idea to open a blog, but writing regularly is a challenge. And above all, what subject shall I discuss after a first introductory post? Finally, I thought it might not be a bad idea for you to present how this site is working, and therefore this blog.
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  • Back to Blog

    What if I gave myself a return to the past by reopening a blog?
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