Warning: I’m sorry but this book is only available in French.

The most advanced users often seem to possess superpowers.

Most often, their first secret weapon is task automation.

On macOS, all users can let their Mac do the work in their place. Just learn how to use Automator.

Interested in Automator?

You can go deeper and dicover its full capabilities by reading my book « Automatisez sous Mac ».

This book was written for Mac OS X and describes Automator from Mac OS X 10.7 and beyond.

Automator robot in app's icon

This books introduces you to the Automator application and its different uses. It is an essential reference if you want to discover this tool.

You will learn how to use the interface and the different scenarios of use of this application.

Simple examples illustrate how to use the actions provided with the system.

Many videos will show you in detail how to implement the different examples and the result you can expect.

Among the many topics covered in the book, you will find:

  • The automator interface and the construction of the different types of processes;
  • The latest changes related to OS X 10.10 Yosemite;
  • For Yosemite, all about the use of OS X 10.10 dictated commands;
  • Introduction to JavaScript as part of Automator OS X 10.10;
  • The construction of services;
  • The main actions available;
  • The creation of printing modules to streamline your processing flows;
  • The creation of folder actions to make processing as automatic as possible;
  • simple manipulation of databases;
  • how to fine-tune your processes and uncover the main problems;
  • Writing your own actions.

This book is the perfect companion to deepen your mastery of the Mac and its unique environment.